5 reasons for which a company must have a blog

Published 12-11-2014

If you have a company, you have a webpage and if you have a company webpage, you must have a blog. This is the perfect equation that all organism or corporation must follow strictly. And it is that, it is very easy to activate a blog in the corporative webpage and are many the reasons for which a company must have a blog. These are most important€¦


1. Positioning. Often the corporative pages Webs are not updated of periodic form because it is not created necessary to do it or because there is no new information that to emphasize. Or at least, that is what many companies think and tremendously are mistaken. To have a blog and to update it, as minimum, every week will help to position of natural form to the company in finders as Google and to be present in the thematic or sectorial searches that the users realise. And if this natural positioning is accompanied with campaigns of Google Adwords, for example, the company will begin to scale outstanding positions in these finders.

2. To transfer information of the company. Recently we spoke you of 10 SMEs that need a webpage, well, because as much these as the great companies must have a blog at the time of contracting a webpage to transfer information of the company to their clients. And in the case of the great companies, to share that company with specialized and directive means and employees of other corporations of the same sector. For example, to share acquisitions, to present accounts of results, new features as far as products and services€¦ and in the case of the SMEs, advice on its products, peculiar articles of interest and related to them, and a varied countless number of thematic.

3. Present company. To contract a webpage and to open a window to the blog of the company also offer the sensation of being a present company, live and totally conscious on the importance of the new technologies. A company with an old webpage as soon as updated, without blog and complementary information, it moves away it of the potential public of Internet and classifies it in the phantom of that set of companies that seem not to take into account to that number of clients who take advantage of the overall nature the network to contact with companies of the sector. And whichever better image far better.

4. To share content in social networks. The social networks are, at the moment, a weapon of indispensable marketing and is an error not to trust them at the time of expanding and to present still more our products and services, they are of the sector that are and although we think that these are not worth the trouble to have them in the social networks. They are an economic tool at the time of maintaining them and in them also it is necessary to know how to invigorate the own entrances of the blog. At the time of contracting a webpage we must have a blog and this it must be programmed in the social networks to obtain other differentiated readers whom they visit the webpage of the company.

5. Confidence with the client. A blog humanizes to all company that decides to bet by him and is one of the great reasons for which a company must have a blog. Why? because it is the ideal corner where to the past count histories of the present and of the company, where to be able to collaborate the employees, where to as much show photographies of the works carried out as of the professionals and their zones of work. A blog humanizes to a company and it approaches it the general public generating a confidence sensation.

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