• 26 August 2013

    Portal of Discounts Coupon

    In proogresa we have created a new webpage, a portal of coupons of discount that everybody can consult to remove interesting benefits€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 19 August 2013

    App for Germans Boada SA

    Next to the technical department of the company Germans Boada S.A. (RUBY) we have created this fantastic APP that allows to see their catalogue€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 05 August 2013

    Landing Responsive Page

    Following with the push of the responsive Webs we have created one landing page for one of ours clientes.WheyGoldStandard.infoEsta Landing has been€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 28 June 2013

    Web Venta de Perfumes

    In NonStop-Press we have created a new store online of perfume sale. With a created corporative image from zero we think that we have secured the result€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 17 June 2013

    General fall Redsys

    Today the servers of Redsys have undergone a general fall that has caused that the majority of Webs does not have system of payment by card€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 12 June 2013

    Favicon - Gu­a R¡pida

    What are the FaviconOriginariamente they were an Icon of the Favorite pages Webs that Internet Explorer kept 6.Actualmente is€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 29 ABR 2013

    New Discharge in Google Shopping - IneditSneakers.com

    Google Shopping is every time a more popular platform to present products e-commerce. This time was the people of IneditSneakers€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 22 ABR 2013

    Project of creation of a new brand

    One of the most creative parts of this work is the creation of a new brand. In the first place it is necessary to think good reputation, that not€¦
    Categories: Design Web
  • 14 ABR 2013

    Supplies Flash in TeDormimos.com

    What are the Supplies Flash? You can see an example in TeDormimos.com.Para the proprietors of eCommerce is the best form to eliminate€¦
    Categories: Design Web

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