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NonStop-Press was born in June of 2009 offering services Web.
Now it has 12 people in the equipment and offers in addition services of development to aplicaicones, maketing and graphical design.


If something that to us the client requests we think that it is not a good idea we will say it, although we are €œclearing€ work.
Of proactive form also we offer only services that we think that they can help to grow to our clients being looked for the form to grow together.
If it is good for the client, it is good for us.


The vision of the company is to become an agency of Marketing and Development referring to European level, being in consideration by great companies as Google to realise communications and being our projects used as good examples.


The mission of the company is to offer to our clients solutions in the scope of marketing, graphical design, the development Web and the development of applications, with a high quality level. Also, we must create surroundings of integrating work and with an excellent labor climate, where the employees feel to taste, part of the company and where they can grow and be developed professionally.


The values of the company with which we worked and we wished to transmit to our clients in each one of the projects that we realised are: Quality - Honesty - Implication - Proactive.

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