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Published 30-01-2020

Good morning!

We return with more desire than ever after being some inactive weeks preparing contained for the following months. Today we will speak on a profession that celebrated its day this past Monday, you know of what we spoke? Then if€¦ today you have a post on Community Manager.

You really know what makes a Community Manager? Which is its function? What contributes to a company or marks? 

Here you have the answer to all your doubts.

What is a Community Manager?

The figure of the Community Manager comprises of the department of digital marketing being this person in charge to manage, to construct and to develop to the community online of a brand or company at digital level. The purpose of the Community Manager is to work to design and to detect possible potential clients and prescribers that are identified with the brand with a clear objective, to establish a lasting and stable relation with them, to part to be increasing the community.

What function has a Community Manager within a company?

Many users think that to be Community Manager it is very simple because only consists of raising photos the networks, to make videos, but really to be a good Community Manager it is necessary to form to know how to identify, to design and to manage the different types from networks, to part of being able to create useful content, that entertains the users and whom value contributes to them, not only is to raise content immediately.

Within a company the Community Manager must contribute to value in the creation and management of contents, at any moment to analyze by means of KPIs the obtained results, to realise plans on the different actions that will start up and to create a communication with the potential users.

The main functions of a Community Manager are:

  • To analyze and to draw conclusions.
  • To give visibility to the brand.
  • To realise a plan with publications differentiated by each social network.
  • To fulfill the objectives of digital marketing.
  • To analyze the competing companies (what they do, what publishes, as they publish it, etc).
  • To know at any moment what thinks/say on the company, marks, products, services, etc.

What objectives must fulfill the Community Manager?

The main objectives that the organizations or companies try to fulfill through the figure of the Community Manager are related to:

  • To increase and to improve the visibility of the brand or company in the digital scope.
  • To generate and to increase the social traffic towards the Web with the aim of increasing the conversions.
  • To be near the client with the aim of creating an entailment lasting company-client.
  • To use the profiles in social networks as tool of communication with the client to solve doubts, problems, etc.

Can Anyone be Community Manager?

By all means that anyone can be Community Manager having a previous formation and certain abilities that help to be more efficient in the accomplishment of the tasks.

A good profile of Community Manager must own several abilities as for example being patient, knowing how to listen to understand what they say of your brand, to never be still proactive, that is to say to maintain your profiles active, updated and finally professional and to be ordered.

What has seemed you the today post? Would You like to learn to being Community Manager? You leave your commentaries at the end of the post.

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