How to adapt your Web to the RGPD

Published 28-02-2019

The new law of protection of data RGPD

The 25 of May started up the new General Regulation of Protection of Data, RGDP which affects to all the companies that deal with data people of the European Union. The objective of the new law is to protect to the users, being guaranteed the transparency in the treatment of its data, reinforcing its consent and keeping the right to recover the data that they have provided previously when they want. The sanctions not to fulfill the RGDP can get to be 20 million Euros or between 2 and 4% of world-wide the annual invoicing.

If your webpage obtains personal data of the users are necessary that he is agreed to the new norm. In NonStop-Press, company located in Terrassa, we can help you you only must request your budget here.

Here we left some you of the requirements so that your Web obeys the new law:

- Forms of contact:

With the RGDP all the forms must have one checkbox in which the consent on the part of the user is registered. This one square cannot be marked by defect and in case the users decide to mark the square will be due to keep the date and the hour. Next to the square it must be connected the Policy of Privacy of our Web.

- Political of privacy

In the privacy policy a complex language is not due to use but it must be clear and simple so that the users can understand it easily. The RGPD says to us that it must specify that data type stores himself, the purpose, the legitimation, the adressees, the rights, the responsible person and additional information.

- Cookies:

From this new RGPD the clients always will have to be warned of the use of the cookies. These always will be kept once the client has given consent, never before. The consent of the cookies on the part of the user has to be unequivocal, that is to say, the users will have to conduct some battle to authorize to you. On the part of the company it is essential that you keep this one consent in case at some time you must demonstrate that you have not done it illegally. In addition, the users will have right to that their data are forgotten when they ask for it.


- Web encriptada with protocol HTTPS:

It is important that your webpage is not with protocol HTTP but in HTTPS. The pages with the Transfer protocol of Hipertexto Seguro (HTTPS) have the certificate SSL, causing that the connection between your webpage and the users is very safe since it has a coding system, which assures to us that only it could be seen by the servant and the user. This one protocol is very recommendable for all those webpages that want to transmit security to their users, to fulfill better the RGPD and in addition they will have better positioning.

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