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Published 28-05-2015

An image is worth more than thousand words and also in the design Web. And it is that almost so or the same of important that the own design of a webpage, is the election of the photographies. In its election all bond and is not necessary to choose quality images but, how we can choose the best images for a Web? how we know that we are guessing right? We give some advice you.

We must have much taken care of at the time of choosing the photographies that illustrate our page. And we began by the legal question. It always decides on photographies without copyright rights or to buy banks of images for pages Webs. They will help excessively professional finishing. In the design corporative Web, the election of the photography must be a priority because it will be the image of our brand and our identity, like the logo.

For this reason, when choosing the best images for a Web we must choose that one that better transfers the visitor of our page whom we are, what we want to transmit and, by all means, that has good quality to be able to modify them. And it is that, some bad images can be counter-productive for our image. But, how to know if we are choosing or or badly? One of the first premises that we must follow is to choose great photos but that these are not too heavy and if they are it, we must reduce them.

Another advice that we must always have in mind is not to use too many photos and that these are clear. He chooses to choose few but beautiful and that they transmit of trustworthy form what you want to transmit. Perhaps also you must put text upon her and, therefore, you must have space to be able to write above. The noise is another thing to also avoid and those elements of the image that do not contribute anything to your brand, b³rralos!

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