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Published 13-11-2019

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For a few weeks you have not been having content this way but you do not worry we are of return and certainly we did not defraud with the content that we bring to you. 

Throughout this post we go to speak more of one of the times of the year waited for by some, you have some idea? ..... today we will speak of Black Friday.  

What is Black Friday?

Known Black Friday or more as Black Friday is an American tradition that is celebrated the last Friday of the month of November, that is to say the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. This tradition began with the aim of stimulating the Americans to realise the purchases of Christmas, which first was only a day where the American stores and commerces offered discounts in their products, has finished being a world-wide phenomenon that have arrived at other countries, as Spain.

Everything began when the retailers began to see as the American streets filled of people and thought: What better day than today to generate more sales? And nothing€¦. Thus the great phenomenon began that is nowadays Black Friday. As of that moment, other countries as Canada, South America and some European countries were €œcopying€ the example of the USA until day of today.

Black Friday arrived at our country in 2012, where some companies only decided to bet by this phenomenon, to day of today Spain is the 4 country that more purchases realises in the campaign of Black Friday. What that last Friday of November only began being discounts happened to extend to supplies, promotions and discounts during that week, being one of the times of the year where more purchases take place. 

In fact thanks to the Amazon company that wanted to do €œcompetition€ to Black Friday appeared the call Cyber Monday, Monday following to the last Friday of November. During this day discounts in the commerces online for those users only take place who realise purchases online.

Our country has become one of most attractive in relation to Black Friday, since more than half of the Spaniards it is prepared to consume during these dates to even realise already some purchases of Christmas. In Spain the consumers are spent of average some 240‚¬ in Black Friday, where 70% will buy a product for the same and 88% of the Spanish consumers trust the veracity of the supplies that realise the companies.

Now that already you know with more depth history Black Friday, its origins and the arrival to our country, I ask to you: You are of that he saves to spend it in Black Friday? You trust the supplies of the companies? 

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