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Published 21-03-2019

Good morning from Terrassa!

Today we are going to speak on graphical design and in particular of branding, a concept enough unknown by many but it is very important to consider in our company.

What is branding?

Branding is defined as a process to create and to manage a brand. Although shelp thus it seems simple is much more complex than it seems. A brand is not only formed by a logo, names or product, this composed by many more elements. A brand is the combination of graphical, textual and experienciales elements that cause that people remember you.

The objectives of branding

First of everything it is essential to know as they are the objectives that branding has, these are the main ones:

- To present a brand.

- To emphasize the values and attributes of a brand.

- To differentiate the own brand from the competition.

- To generate credibility and confidence.

- To create the personality of the brand.

- To focus better the communication.

- To increase bandage to them.

The importance of branding

At the moment, the market that we have is more and more competitive and the consumers are demanding and difficult to conquer, in addition with the social networks at any time you can lose your prestige. It is necessary to be around the consumers and for that reason to apply a good strategy of branding is so important because it don't mention it does not serve to have a brand if you do not manage it correctly. For that reason, if you want that we help you with this element of the graphical design, you do not doubt in contacting with us, we can help you, only contacts to us with the form:

If a good work with a brand becomes the results always will be positive, since this one will have a great value and finally it will be translated in a stable source of income for the company.

Strategy for branding

Since we have seen branding is not a simple process, but it is a very complex process that touches to different scopes as m¡rqueting i the graphical design. For that reason it is very important to know how how to apply a good strategy. In order to be successful it is important to know how that branding is a long term plan, is a mistake to pay attention only at the outset to him.

In order to create a good strategy we must:

1-Know our client: it is very important to know to who we went.

2-Define some specific, measurable, feasible, important and limited objectives in the time.

3-Analyze your competition.

4-Develop our proposal of value or positioning: there are different possibilities, the most known are: the price, the quality, the status€¦

5- To define our message: it is important to connect a brand with his users.

6-Create a manual of corporative identity: This part of graphical design indicates the typography to us, the logos, colors€¦

7-Define the communication channels: it is very important to make a good selection of the channel.

8-Evaluate the results: thus we will know if our strategy has worked.

Here our small introduction finishes on the concept of branding, if still you have doubts contacts to us without trouble here:

We see ourselves in the next publication! 

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