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We are a company of development of movable applications, as much for iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablets. Movable adapted complete solutions to the platform so in rise to day of today.

A movable application is not a Web, and for that reason the approach completely has to be different. The applications of iPhone by their own nature need own characteristics of the device. To put an example, a simple button never has to be sufficiently small since we make use of touch screens. A tiny button would make impossible the interaction with the application.

In NonStop-Press we are to the last one in which to develop applications for iPhone and Android talks about. Being Apple Developers from almost the home of the platform it offers an advantage to us in comparison with the competition, since the know-how that we arrange saves time and money to us.

We do not create in the purely functional applications, because we understand a movable application as a professional product that unifies Design, Usability and Functionality. The one without the other does not exist like car without wheels does not exist.

Our applications from the home draw attention by the attractiveness of their interfaces like the special affection by the small details. Animations, transitions, usability are characteristics that we considered that it must as much have all application of iPhone as of Android.

We manage all the process of development, from the conception of the project by hand of the client, design, programming to the publication in the App Store of Apple and the Market de Android, so that the client only must worry to use the application.

If it wants to receive more information can contact with our company calling to 93 537 54 83, send a mail to us or come to visit us our offices of Barcelona.

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