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Published 07-01-2015

Recently, we have obtained an effective positioning for our zone, Terrassa, and the case occurred that, after a request from visit to our headquarters, the potential client lost himself€¦ This is a problem peculiar, that we tried to solve with this article, connecting our location through a map of Google maps.

Our visitors in the Web, usually accede to articles of the blog, and we know that, in order to know our methodology work and in this section we normally spoke of subjects as €œBecause you would have to be making SEO€ or €œthe importance of marketing online for your SME€ of a completely altruistic form so that you can obtain advice or guides of this world before you contract to our services (or those of others€¦ ;))


But he hit to us, that the potential client came to see us and she lost herself€¦ Although in the end he arrived, (behind schedule but he arrived€¦) we want to share the following map about our location: 

Reason why today we will speak neither of Marketing Online, nor of SEO, not even of programming, tomorrow or happened yes. Surely. All good

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