Studies Marketing: The Size Matters

Published 17-12-2014

What causes that a post or tweet is successful in the social networks? Apparently, the size of title, in agreement with a series of studies published by Buffer, the powerful tool that we used with our service for Social Average.

Buffer collected the data compiled in several studies. Next, it knows the results:

1. Facebook: less than 40

The more short it is the commentary on Facebook, I receive the more €œlike€ and commentaries. Jeff Bulls investigated the presence of the brands of distributors in this social network and concluded that the messages of up to 40 characters are more seeing by the user.

In addition he obtained a 86% of participation of the public. But this amount represents only 5% of the post published by the brands.

Messages with 80 characters or less generated more of 66% the participation. Another study realised by BlitzLocal, after analyzing 120 million impressions on Facebook, concluded that ideally put they would have to be among 100 to 119 characters.

2. Twitter: 100 characters

Twitter is the platform that requires the maximum brevity: 140 characters. Here tweet must be short. The ideal is less than 100 characters, says the study of Buddy Media, that receive a 17% more participation. Tweets with enters 71 100 characters secure an average of about 60 retweets.

This dimension allows that the information is transmitted and the person who makes the Retweet adds any commentary. This number is reduced to little more than 50 in the case of tweets with more than 100 characters. But very short also it reveals that it is ineffective.

3. Google +: Title = less than 60

In order to have an impact in this platform, the titles do not have to surpass the 60 characters, advises Demian Farnworth de CopyBlogger. But everything in the title of this dimension cannot be put, Farnworth advised to make one first pegadiza phrase. €œThe last update of Google changed the design of the messages, only can now see three lines of the post original before seeing the connection€ Read more€. In other words, his first phrase must be a summary robbery and to take to people to click in €˜Reading more€™€, it says.

Title 4. Article: six words

The ideal would be that this it would be the perfect size for a title, at least according to KISSmetrics, the human beings only lie down to absorb the three last ones and the first words of a title.

But not always it is possible. Advice? €œIf it fits in tweet is too long€, KISSmetrics says.

5. To publish a blog: 1600 characters

The Means analyzed the time that dedicated to the readers to read the messages and found that readers generate major amount of click/were delayed in average seven minutes to read. That is to say, it had 1,600 characters.

6. Presentation: 18 minutes

It is not chance that the TEDTalks organizers maintain in 18 the minutes as maximum time for a presentation. Reason? This is the greater attention than the people can dedicate to somebody without boring to their listeners.


You spend sufficient time to think to Him about these actions before publishing nothing? Think it. 

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