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Published 26-07-2019

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We are of return by our blog to speak on Google My Business.

That is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a service offered by Google that allows to inform and to give visibility us on our business to the clients who look for so much to us in Google, Google Maps or Google+. This service allows certain functions us as for example showing to troops and valuations that the clients have inspected, to receive and to give information to your clients, to analyze statistics of your business and of realising virtual visits of your business. 

Characteristics Google My Business

A profile of Google My Business this formed by the following characteristics: 

- We can add quality photographies so that the users see our business.

- It allows us to connect with the clients sharing the news, creating events, etc.

- Direct feedback with the client through the opinions of this and answers of the business.

- Possibility of synchronizing the account of Google My Business with Adwords to analyze as the users look for to us and finds us.

- App de Google My Business to manage your profile from where you want and when you want.

- To update the information of your business to facilitate the contact with the user.

Advantages to have a profile in Google My Business

First of all, it allows to add us and to geolocalizar photographies on your business with the aim of giving more visibility and than the users they find us faster and easy. 

On the other hand, they are allowed to make searches more to size, since is the exact location of the business or lies down and also it allows to add a contact telephone to facilitate feedback with the user.

Another advantage is to manage the reviews that the users realise who in the long term repel of positive way helping to increase the presence, confidence and credibility of the business if they are positive and real. To have positive reviews also is beneficial for your business since your Web and the confidence of the users in relation to your product or service helps to the positioning of.

In relation to the analysis of your profile of Google My Business you have the option to extract the statistical ones on your profile, the visits that have done, the clicks in the phone number, the visualizations of the images, etc.

And finally, to have a good profile in Google My Business is positive for your company because you will be more competitive concerning positioning SEO and this way to appear in the searches that the users realise in the zone of your business. Consequently of being more competitive this it repels in a greater visibility of your business thanks to the best positioning.

For more information on Google My Business it contacts without trouble here:

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