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Pack Hosting 52‚¬/a±o

1 domain
200MEGABYTE of space to lodge the Web
1 account of e-mail
1 counts FTP to transfer the archives
Management of the e-mail via webmail
Backup copies
Support for explanation of doubts as far as these services

Extensions available:

- Extension of the space of the lodging.
- More accounts of e-mail.
- Data base.
- Facilities of OsComerce and CMSs.
- Association from other domains to the lodging

Guaranteed presence online

To have a good supplier of services of Hosting is essential to offer a good image to our clients. The services of Hosting professional Web of NonStop-Press its company will enjoy a service without interruptions.

Our agreements with the majors suppliers of services assure a permanent presence to him online and without interruptions. In addition it will enjoy the advising of our technical service that will help him to clarify any doubt of technical character that it can arise to him.

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