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Published 16-10-2019

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Often you will have wondered yourselves what is hosting or so that it really serves€¦. in this post we will try that you understand it of a easy and simple way.

What is a Hosting?

A Hosting or Web Hosting is a space that is in a servant where the users rent this space to store to data and archives that form your website. The suppliers of hosting are those that are in charge to maintain this servant in operation, to protect it of any problem or to transfer the content or information of the servant until the navigator of the interested ones.

Types of Hosting

The type of Hosting or Web Hosting varies according to the type of Web that we have or we want to create, reason why the election of the type of Hosting must adapt to the needs of the project and the budget, since a Hosting for a store online or e-commerce is not the same that stops a blog.

Within the types of Hosting we emphasized the following: 

Shared Hosting

In this type of Hosting the supplier is in charge to have several projects in the same servant and who each project has its part of the resources of the servant. The advantage of this type of Hosting is the facility to form it and to maintain it on the other hand and that he is economic.

But everything is not advantages, unlike another Hosting this has minor flexibility to the shared being, to part of being able to undergo some problem caused by another project of that same servant.

Virtual Hosting

A Virtual Hosting consists of dividing the servant so that each project has its independent virtual space to be able to work with the resources that hosting offers according to the needs of each project and the possibility of acceding when it loves the servant. 

One of the disadvantages of this type of Hosting is the price lifted in comparison with the commented Hosting previously, in this case the user does not have the 100% of the servant to his project but of a part and on the other hand, the configuration and the use are only more complicated than in the previous case.

Unlike the Shared Hosting this type of Hosting has major flexibility and facility of access, in addition to not having no problem to damage to the other projects of the same servant since they stay themselves in independent spaces.

Dedicated Hosting

In this case the Dedicated Hosting is a service of hosting oriented to a project exclusively where the user has access to the totality of the services of the servant, in addition to being able to also accede to software and hardware. 

The advantage of this type of hosting is the possibility of having greater flexibility and access, of having majors resources and of having major security; as inconvenient it emphasizes his high economic cost and the difficulty at the time of forming and maintaining.

During this post we have wanted to speak envelope what is Hosting, so that it serves and the types as hosting that there is available to day of today, also we know that bad one are more types of hosting but to make a small introduction in the subject not this no? Good if you consider that it has been good a post and you like the content that we do you do not doubt in sharing our post in the networks or following us for more containing.

I believe that for today already it is sufficient, truth? If you have some doubt on Hosting to contact with us in:

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