The importance of digital marketing in 5 books

Published 19-11-2014

Internet has become the perfect ally for many companies having helped them to draw for, to a certain extent, the consequences of an economic crisis that seems to never finish. To apply new strategies born at the mercy of the boom of digital marketing can help to SMEs and great companies to find new channels where to seduce new clients, fidelizar them and to increase, consequently, the sales and the positive numbers.


From the social networks, to the appearance of new channels of sale or the positioning of the company in finders, all company must be conscious that the present and inevitably the future, is in the digitalis and the opportunities that Internet offers they are applicable to each and every one of the companies. These are 5 recommended readings expensive to learn the importance that digital marketing can benefit to all the companies.


1. Your plan of digital marketing in one week

Author: Mauricio Santambrosio & Patricia Andr©s

Editorial: Editions Management 2000

Year publication: 2014

The object of this book is to help the companies to make money satisfying the needs with its clients. And this is less obtained with a correct plan of applicable digital marketing until the picked up company in new the technology. It presents a series of ideas, advice and processes of how improving the most essential marketing and the presence of the company in the digital market. It shows the ideas that prevail in a digital world, connected million users by everybody. This book defends the idea that digital marketing represents an enormous opportunity for companies and people, and generally with less money of the one than can be thought. A new time of which no company can remain indifferent. Really, to manage different strategies until turning them into numbers of businesses.

2. Everything what there is to know of marketing online and digital communication

Author: Ignacio Somalo

Editorial: Wolters Kluwer

Year publication: 2011

This encyclopedia is or the bedside book of many companies whose department of communication and digital marketing was little, nonexistent bankrupt or. It explains of clear and didactic form all the concepts, tools and strategies that are due to follow in a company with the aim of improving and increasing the relations of this one with the end-user. To analyze the opportunities, to realize digital weakness of the company and the existing threats they are key part of this work. Somalo in addition enters to us in how communicating better more and our product in Internet.

3. Internet can save your company or sink it

Author: Rodolfo Carpintier

Editorial: Editions Management 2000

Year publication: 2013

Carpintier is one of present gurºs of the marketing applied to the SMEs. In this original book, it offers advice based on own experiences to turn a small business into a business that obtains benefits thanks to the possibilities that the network offers. In addition it offers seeing of how one has gone of a traditional company to a digital company and advice of how to hardly turn into 5 years to any company in all success thanks to Internet thanks to the example of real cases. This book comes to disassemble the idea that has many businessmen whom his type of business stops, Internet is not valid. And not only speech of social networks.

4. Digital strategy

Author: Pere Rosales

Editorial: Deusto, 6ª edition

Year publication: 2010

Digital strategy practically renews its edition every year, becoming one of the orientative books that better advise to the companies in the digital surroundings. Account from the first one to the last step, how to obtain the best digital strategy and to develop it better than the competition. It provides a direction and some measurable steps exceed how to use average digitalises to secure to the vision and the respective objectives of business of the company. The key, of course, consists of defining and implanting the suitable digital strategy that allows to improve the chain of value of the company. The importance of the analytical one, what platform to choose, analysis of the objective market, the internal and external surroundings€¦ and to catch the digital opportunities that appear for any company.

5. How to prepare a social average marketing

Author: Pedro Rojas & Mar­a Redondo

Editorial: Editions Management 2000

Year publication: 2013

At this point, almost 8 of each 10 companies use the social networks to give to know better their products and their services, and to thus arrive at a greater number of people. But only half of these, uses an elaborated and studied plan to size. To integrate to the social average in each department of the company, its needs of communication. Pedro Rojas and Mar­a Redondo help step by step to elaborate a plan totally integrated in the one of digital marketing in the philosophy of the company. And he does through four great areas: the observation, the operative one, the execution and the evaluation.

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