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Published 21-08-2019

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We return from vacation with the recharged batteries and desire to share with you all type of content, in this case we are going to speak of which it is a Landing Page and so that it serves.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing also well-known Page or as landing page is simply a webpage that is designed to be the Web of destiny of campaigns of publicity online with the aim of attracting visits of potential users, that is to say turning to these potential visitors into leads.

You will ask yourselves, and that is leads? Leads is those users who have left in our Landing Page information on their data thanks to the interest content that we have shown to him in our landing page.

Returning to the main concept, a Landing Page mainly serves to show to the product or service that we realised of a clear way, visual and attractive. The main objective of the Landing Page is to be able to catch the attention of the user who arrives at the Web and to secure a high percentage of conversions. 

To that I talk about with a conversion? Very simple€¦. In the end what we want is that each visitor who enters the Landing Page makes a purchase, leaves to its phone number or its e-mail, in summary that the user lets an interaction with the Web to know if I have been able to turn this visitor into lead.

Types of Landing Page

As far as the types of Landing Page we can differentiate them in 2 types: those that are within a Web or those that are outside a Web (microsites).

Those Landing Page that also is outside the Web receive the name of microsites, this type of landing pages usually is used for concrete campaigns where it is tried to catch new potential users.  This type of Landing Page usually is combined with strategies of SEM to harness the traffic, since he turns out more complicated to attract the traffic a Web that outside is that unlike the other type of Landing Page. 

However, those Landing Page that is within a Web usually is harnessed through a button CTA (call to action) with the aim of attracting traffic this landing page. Unlike the previous case, in this type of Landing Page usually it is not combined so much with strategies of SEM, since through the organic searches it is sufficient to attract traffic.

What cannot lack in a Landing Page?

- Corporative image and slogan.

- Information of clear and visual way on the product or service of the company.

- Opinions of clients who have proven the product or service.

- Bellboys CTA (call to action) to draw attention.

- Data of contact and excellent information for the user.

What has seemed you the article? Have You liked? In some semanitas you will have another article on ...... already you will see it. 

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