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So that it serves?

Well it is known by all that to locate the Web of a company on the front page of results of Google will contribute new clients to him.
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SEO NonStop-Press. How he works?

  • You call a roll to us of the Clave* Words that you think that it would go well to position for your Web.
  • We realise a gratuitous audit SEO of your Web to see if it fulfills some basic tasks of positioning.
  • Starting off of the list that there are past to us, we make a gratuitous study of how it looks for people your products or services in Google, adding, modifying or eliminating Key words of the list.
  • We called the new roll to you with several data:
    • The Keyword.
    • The amount of people who in the last used it in Spain month.
    • Considered time in which it is possible to be managed to locate your Web on the front page of results of Google.
  • Then you decide what amount of Key words you want to position (a minimum of 3).
  • We will work positioning your Web for the Key words that you have chosen.
  • For the words that are managed to position on the front page, once positioned we have two options: stopping to work this keyword and therefore stops to pay (will hold his position during a time, it depends on the competition, there is key words for which the position in a month is lost and other that without continuing working remain on the front page during years), or, to continue working the keyword to give him to a maintenance paying a 30% of its price (it could hold the position or raise positions even more).

Whichever hill?

The price of each keyword is of 80 Euros + IVA to the month. We offer discounts by vol.:
Plan of positioning SEO Amount of Key words Monthly price (without IVA)
SEO Bronce 3 Key words 240 ‚¬
SEO Plata 5 Key words 360 ‚¬
SEO Oro 10 Key words 640 ‚¬
SEO Diamante 15 Key words 900 ‚¬

The payments are realised in advance in months.

Before to initiate campaign, if we see that your Web does not fulfill some basic tasks of positioning, is important to realise them so that the later work is effective. The price is a unique payment of 100 Euros + IVA (in the majority of cases usually it is not necessary).

Commitment 0

Without no commitment, if for whatever reason it is wanted to terminate the service we worked until covering the month that or has been pleased and or is.
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A client who has a restaurant in Terrassa calls a roll to us with the following key words:
  • Restaurant terrassa
  • To leave to eat in terrassa
  • Where to eat in terrassa
  • Restaurant in terrassa
We realised the gratuitous audit to him and see that its Web has a good base.
Soon we make the gratuitous study of how he looks for people restaurants in terrassa and called the following roll:
Keyword Searches manuals Considered time
restaurants terrassa 780 5 months
restaurants in terrassa 420 4 months
terrassa restaurants 46 3 months
restaurants of terrassa 36 3 months
romantic restaurants in terrassa 28 2 months

The client decides to contract the service for the 3 first key words of the list that are those that is going to give more visits to him. Therefore, contract the Plan Bronze.

It realises a first payment of 240 Euros. We work during the first month and perhaps the Web appears between 3a and 4a page of Google.

To the following month it realises another payment and the Web appears between 2a and 3a position.

Before paying 3r month, we see that the Web already appears on the front page for the search €œterrassa restaurants€. If the client decided not to give a maintenance to that keyword, she would happen to pay to that month only the proportional part of the other two words, that is to say, 160 Euros, or if she wants to give a maintenance to him to the keyword already positioned would have a discount of 30% in that keyword, that is to say 160 Euros of the two not positioned + 80 Euros - 30% = 216 Euros.

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