What is a WebApp?

Published 02-07-2019

Again this way!

After some months without content we return with more force than ever to speak on the concept of WebApp and its importance.

What is a WebApp?

The concept of WebApp defines for being a version of the webpage adapted and optimized for any movable device, without a previous installation and the possibility of opening it from any navigator without concerning the operating system that you are using. The optimization is realised through HTML, CSS or Javascript. 

To adapt and to optimize your webpage for movable devices are really important, since at present everything is to our reach, for this reason to have a WebApp helps to secure a greater interaction us of the user with the website, to have capacity to promote products and/or services, and to attract more users the website through movable devices. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of a WebApp


- Easy adaptation to any movable device. 

- It always completes update visualized by the user. 

- It does not occupy memory in the device. 

- Easy to design. 

- Ample reach to all the users.


- Obligatory to have access to Internet. 

- Functionality limited when not being able to use as the functions of the device.

Differences between the WebApps and the Webpages

The main difference between these two concepts resides in the functionality, in the case of the WebApp offer to the certain users services, however the webpages have an informative style and are static. On the other hand, the applications Web offer a countless number of interactive content to conduct any battle, since they have a very simple use, are independent of any platform and they do not require installation. 

Another significant difference is the time of development and the economic capacity that requires a webpage is much smaller if we compared it with a WebApp that has more difficulty and more time is needed to develop.

If you have doubts on the WebApp concept, the creation or you rule to follow, we left a small list you of the steps here to follow:

1. To turn the Web into a single column.

2. To simplify navigation.

3. To extend the size of the letter.

4. To reduce ......

For more information related to the WebApp concept or the steps to follow, it contacts without trouble here: https://nonstop-press.com/contactar-con-proogresa

Until the next publication!

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