Published 13-12-2019

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Today we will speak on a system able to create customized announcements, you more or less already know that we spoke? Thus it is, today we will speak on Remarketing.

What is the Remarketing?

The Remarketing consists basically of creating announcements customized or adapted all those users who have visited our Web or e-commerce sometimes.  This system is associate to Google Adwords and normally it is used with a clear objective, to improve the recovery of the investment.

So that it is clear, this technique is used mainly to show announcements a customized hearing that has visited our Web or lies down sometimes online and has left her without realising no purchase. Therefore, these announcements must as objective remember to the possible client the product or service that are looking in our Web.

Now you will be thinking, €œclearly with reason leave announcements to me sneakers all day€¦€, thus is, that is called Remarketing. Next we are going to you to explain its operation.

How work does the Remarketing?

The operation of the Remarketing is very simple, the famous cookies that everybody has heard speak are in charge to take to data in relation to the users and their activity in the Web. Once they have the cookies have collected that interests to us, adds each user to a list of remarketing, through which customized campaigns for each user based on their behavior were realised in the Web.

What advantages have the use of the Remarketing?

- It allows us to segment the announcements of customized way to each potential client.

- It helps us to harness the image name brand.

- It helps us to center our actions in clients who have been interested sometimes in the brand.

- To create lists of potential clients according to its profile or behavior.

- Branding: help to remember to the user our brand, product or service.

- To the being an associated system to Google Adwords its configuration is easy and dynamic.

Types of Remarketing

The types of remarketing vary according to the type of announcements that we want to show the users and according to the method to compile information to make the list of remarketing.

- Standard Remarketing: it consists of showing announcements the users while they sail by webpages associated to network display of Google.

Dynamic Remarketing: it shows to announcements of products or services that the users have visited in the Web.

- Remarketing search: according to a listing of key words previously realised, one is announcements the users who realise searches related to our list.

Do I believe that for today already we have learned sufficient no? Have You liked the article on Remarketing? Next you will have more articles in our Blog.

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