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Published 28-02-2020

Good morning!

Today we come with desire to speak on the reviews of Google and the importance that your business or company has in. 

I would like to know your opinion on this subject€¦ You look at the opinions? They influence the opinions to You of other users at the time of making decisions from purchase? , You think after buying a product or service?

So that you become an idea throughout this post we are going to explain the importance that it has to receive reviews on the part of the clients, how to stimulate to that they think and the advantages that it has.

What is a review?

A review is simply an action that it has as objective to evaluate a product or service. The reviews can get to have very positive effects on our brand, product or service, since it offers information to us on our company, as much to the proprietor as to the clients. These reviews appear in Google next to the company card of Google Maps and in the search of Google.

To have positive reviews exceeds we allows other users to know valuable information for them that it can be key at the time of deciding if to buy that product or no, to go to this restaurant or which has better valuation, etc.

In the last more and more usuary years look for opinions on companies, products or services in Internet, for that reason to have a good amount of good reviews will cause that your product or service is different from the others.

Finally, Google helps to give visibility to those companies that count on a greater number of positive reviews, since these contribute more value to the users.


- Positioning SEO: It secures more reviews on your company or product to improve your positioning in Google.

- Feedback: It discovers what thinks of you, it is thankful for the positive reviews and it reflects on the refusals.

- Visibility: Desire notoriety in Internet thanks to the reviews and valuations.

What I do so that my clients think on me?

The reality is that there are very many strategies to stimulate to that the users inspect troops on our product or service and in this post we will comment some of her, but are important to know that each company is free to apply the strategy according to its needs.

One of the strategies to animate to the users to that they do reviews on our product or service is right after realising a sale or service. It consists of letting to a message/postcript animating to the client to leave its review on the product that finishes buying, the attention of the worker, etc.

Another more and more useful option is to take advantage of the hearing your social networks as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stimulate to what they think on you and to give more visibility him.

Finally, one of the options that use many companies at present is to stimulate to the user by means of a gift or discount in exchange for a review on the company or marks. Unlike the other two this strategy is a little more expensive since it implies an investment.

What has seemed you the today post? You want to increase the visibility of your brand by means of positive reviews? 

I invite to you that you see how we do it in NonStop-Press:

Until the next one!

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