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Published 25-09-2019

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Today we go to make a remake to remember what is the SEO, as it was explained a time ago in this blog and later we will concentrate in the concepts of SEO OnPage and OffPage.


The SEO or Optimization Search Engine, is a set of techniques whose objective is to improve the visibility and the recognition of your website in the different finders from natural way. For more detailed information on basic SEO it enters the connection of the part superior and only visits our post dedicated to positioning SEO.

Within the positioning SEO we can differentiate two types from SEO: SEO Off Page that is those techniques outside the website, and the SEO OnPage that includes the technical interns within a website.

SEO OffPage

SEO OffPage includes all those external factors that help to improve the organic positioning of our Web, within SEO OffPage we found the Building Link, the social networks, the participation in forums, guest blogging, announcements in Adwords€¦.

The main objectives of SEO OffPage are:

- To secure a greater visibility, representation and diffusion through the different profiles from RRSS with the aim of offering an added value on our activity.

- To obtain qualified visits through different actions as announcements in Adwords, guest blogging, among others action in order to establish a community between the users and the brand.

- To create a liaison net in Web sites of the same sector that contribute qualified visits to us, in addition to a greater visibility, knowledge in the sector.

SEO OnPage

Unlike SEO OffPage SEO OnPage includes all those elements or factors that are located within a webpage and that Google considers at the time of positioning-the. Between these elements we emphasized the time of load, the headed ones, the optimization of the images, the indexing of the Web, keywords or key words, the structure of the Web, optimization in movable devices, etc.

One of the advantages of SEO OnPage in comparison with the external SEO is the control capacity that we have on the elements, since we found them within our Web, however SEO OffPage are external elements within which we do not have as much control.  

For that still you have some doubt on the matter, we go to do small briefing on the concepts explained throughout the post of today. In the first place we must know that the positioning SEO is formed by SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage

SEO OnPage consists of those internal factors within our Web on which we have a direct control as he can be the speed of load, the indexing to Google, the optimization of key words, etc. and on the other hand, we have the SEO OffPage who is all those external elements to which Web that helps to give more visibility, representation and diffusion of our activity improving the positioning Web in the finders.

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