Virtual visits of Google

Virtual visits of Google

They are a set of panoramic photos that united to each other allow to create an interactive visit within a store, the premises, showroom, office, etc. A photographer of confidence of Google realises them, that has authorization to realise this type of projects.

That Virtual advantages have Visitas of Google?

They offer to the visitor a very novel and interesting experience.
It provides credibility and confidence of your company or business to the user online.
It is possible to be integrated in your webpage.
It is possible to be integrated with Google Maps and thanks it gain €œpoints€ of positioning.
It is possible to be integrated with your page of Facebook.
Compatible with the great majority of navigators: Android, iPhone, iPad, 8 Internet Explorer or superior, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Operate.

Price creation Virtual Visits:

It depends on the amount of panoramic that must do. Consult us to know the price.
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