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All we are conscious that more and more the users use their movable devices to accede to Internet and search information.

It is for that reason that one that it has a webpage must begin to consider to adapt it to one better visualization from smartphones.

During the 2012 in NonStop-Press we were forming to be able to take the 2013 with a consolidated service of creation of WebAPP.

Of what the WebAPP consist?

The WebAPP are pages Webs adapted to small resolutions as those of the telephones and that sometimes include functionalities that a normal Web does not incorporate.

If you have a Web and you want to arrive at more people asks estimated to us, the prices estan from 100 Euros + IVA based on the complexity of the Web that there is to adapt.

These are some of the tasks that are realised when creating the WebAPP:

  • - To turn the Web into a single column.
  • - To simplify navigation.
  • - To extend the size of the letter.
  • - To reduce the amount of images to facilitate the load of the Web.
  • - To reduce some functionalities to improve the usability of the Web. What premium is that the information arrives easily at the client and favors that it puts itself in touch with us once has been interested in our products or services.

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